Practice Philosophies

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What’s treated

Skillful medication management, nuanced psychotherapy and customized meditation exercises.

Mood & Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. ADHD and Learning Issues. PTSD, Trauma, Loss & Grieving, Relationship Issues. Major life changes and Coping with Covid 19, Psychosis, Bipolar and Psychosomatic issues.

Dr Datta

Arnab Datta MD

Residency in Psychiatry: Mount Sinai – St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
Residency Track in Family and Couples Therapy
Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Research Fellowship in Addiction & Behavior: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Board Certified in Psychiatry
Board Certified in Addiction Psychiatry

Streak of light

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Datta does three things:
Medication Management

Addiction Treatment
Controlled Substance Meds
Customized Treatment
Precision Medication/Treatment

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